Behavior Therapy

Do you want to reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors? 

Come on you know you have at least a few of them, after all we all do. However, when these unwanted behaviors cause us difficulties or become too painful to endure it may be time to ask for some help. 


As a cognitive behavioral therapist I can help you learn how to breakdown unwanted behaviors and help you to connect your thought processes to the problem behaviors you wish to eliminate.

Cognitive behavior therapy often referred to as CBT, combines thoughts and behaviors and looks at how they are connected.

Cognitive therapy I will help you see how certain thoughts may be causing your symptoms — sometimes thought processes may give you a distorted picture of what's really going on in your life. As a result you may feel anxious, depressed, or angry for no apparent reason, or you may act out with less than desirable or unacceptable behaviors.

Through Behavior therapy I can help you change the association between troublesome situations and your reaction to them (behavior). Behaviors such as fear, depression, anger, or other unwanted behaviors may have started out as okay ways of coping in certain situations. However, as situations change our reactions need to change as well. Unfortunately, that does not always happen and we are left with less than desirable behaviors. With Behavior therapy I can teach you how to choose new behaviors, relax your mind and body, so you can feel better, think clearly, and make better choices.

When combined into Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT, cognitive therapy and behavior therapy provide you with very effective tools for eliminating symptoms, allowing you to feel better, and enjoy more satisfaction in your relationships, feel less stress and actually enjoy life more.

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