Psychological Evaluations & Assessments


Pre-adoption evaluations

Prior to adoption you may be required to complete a preadoption psychological assessment. These assessments generally consist of a clinical interview of adopting parents both separately and together, personality assessment, and other assessments as required by your adoption agency. 

IQ testing

IQ testing is often beneficial when questions arise regarding school performance, behavioral concerns, or when making requests for Early Kindergarten or grade skipping.

Achievement testing

Achievement testing is often completed as a part of a complete Psychological Evaluation and Assessment. Achievement testing allows us to determine where the individual is functioning well in regards to school achievement and where their may be deficits or learning difficulties. Achievements tests are required prior to grade skipping or Early Kindergarten admission.

Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluations

Presurgical evaluations are often requested prior to surgery such as Bariatric surgeries. Assessments consists of personality screenings as well as clinical interview and other assessments as requested by your surgeon. 

Pre Employment Psychological Evaluations

Often requested prior to employment with First responder positions, Police, and Fire Departments 

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