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Deciding start therapy can be an intimidating and confusing process. How do you find a therapist? How do you decide? There are so many different therapists and types of therapy you may feel overwhelmed and may not know where to begin. 

Hopefully, some of the information provided on this website about my psychotherapy practice has helped you with this decision. 

If you are ready to start therapy you may be wondering what happens next?

The answer depends on a number of factors. 

If you know you are ready to begin and you want to schedule an appointment you may either send an email to  

Or you may call me at (919) 454-4450 and I will schedule your appointment within 24 hours. Afternoon and evening appointments are available. 

* A note about telephone calls. I know that many people don't like to leave messages; however, if you call and the call goes to voicemail please leave a message. I am unable to answer calls while I am in session but will return your call as soon as I am available. You can also schedule a telephone consultation using the online scheduling program. 

Free telephone consultation

If you are still not sure or if you have a few questions you want answered first we can set up a free telephone consultation to answer your questions.

After our consultation, if you decide you want to proceed and schedule an appointment I will provide you with a copy of my office policies, privacy policies, and consent forms. I ask that you read these prior to your appointment, complete the necessary forms, and sign where appropriate. We will review these documents at your first therapy session.  You can schedule the free consultation by either calling or clicking the blue button at the top or bottom of this page that says schedule a free telephone consultation. The button will take you to a confidential online scheduling program with several available times during the week. If none of the times are convenient call now and let me know some times that you have available to talk. 

Your first session

We will spend the first few psychotherapy sessions taking a detailed history and gathering information necessary to develop a plan of action for your therapy. Together we will develop a plan that will help you meet the goals you wish to attain through counseling. In the case of child and adolescent therapy, parents and clients will be involved in developing the plan.

Throughout the therapy process we will assess the appropriateness of your plan to see if it is working and change it as needed. Some people begin psychotherapy wishing to address an immediate issue causing pain and are satisfied to address this problem. Once the crisis is over and the pain reduced or eliminated they terminate therapy. 

However, others may decide to pursue deeper issues once they have reached their initial treatment goals. Whatever you decide is best for you, we will work together to develop the most effective treatment. 


I am often asked “Will my mom or dad be involved in my treatment sessions?” It depends on your needs and the needs of your family. With children the family is involved in therapy sessions as they play a major part in helping the client/family achieve their goals. Individual therapy, family therapy sessions, or parent coaching may be required depending on your family needs. 

For teens the answer to this question is a little bit more nuanced and the response is “maybe”or “as needed.” 

Some teens have problems and concerns that they don’t feel comfortable discussing in front of their parents. In that case we will work together to meet your treatment needs, those of your family, respect your family culture, and maintain your confidentiality.

Another question I am often asked is about payment. I ask clients to pay at the beginning of each session. Some clients wish to submit claims for reimbursement to their insurance carrier and others prefer to simply cover the costs without involving their insurance provider. There are both good and bad points to both and we can discuss these concerns during your initial therapy session. If you choose to submit a claim for reimbursement I will provide you with a receipt to submit to your insurance carrier and they will reimburse you directly. If you are a retired FDNY 9/11 survivor, payment arrangements are made through FDNY and I can make the necessary arrangements through FDNY counseling services.

Payments are accepted via cash, check, all major credit cards, or PayPal. If you are paying via PayPal please do so prior to coming to your session. 

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Meet our Therapists


Kristin Krippa, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA RIST ICST

Kristin Krippa, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA RIST ICST

Kristin Krippa, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA RIST ICST

As the founder and clinical director of Krippa Family Psychological & Wellness Services I continue to feel honored to work with the individuals and families that have  trusted me and allowed me to partner with them over the years. I use the word partner for a reason as I truly feel our work in the therapy room is a partnership. My attachment focus helps me connect with clients and families to leave the chaos, anxiety, depression, and difficulties behind. Working to connect and create the peace and harmony they want in their lives. 

My 28 years experience treating children, teens, and adults gives me a unique perspective and strong background to help clients reach their full potential.  


Alexis Gunipero Bunt, LCSW

Kristin Krippa, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA RIST ICST

Kristin Krippa, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA RIST ICST

I am grateful that you are here and am hopeful to begin a collaborative journey with you. As an LCSW it is my mission to provide a supportive and empowering environment while assisting individuals on their personal journeys through life. 

I have over ten years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and families with a wide range of presenting issues including anxiety, peer relationship issues, social concerns, academic/work struggles, depression, difficult family dynamics, as well as stress and life transitions. I am able to work with individuals or with groups in order to provide you with the best therapeutic approach and one you are most comfortable with. 

Together we will work on managing symptoms, building skills and changing perspectives. I believe in a client centered, strengths based approach in order to help individuals find balance, empowerment and provide a safe environment while navigating life’s challenges. 


Maya Angelou Perry, LCMHC

Kristin Krippa, M.A., LPA, HSP-PA RIST ICST

Maya Angelou Perry, LCMHC

My experience has included work with adults, adolescents, teens, and families. I am specifically trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing, and Person-Centered Therapy.  I tend to use a combination of methods/techniques depending on the needs of my client. I am committed to the success of the individuals and families I serve.  It is my desire that each client is empowered to make the necessary changes for an impactful life. Types of issues I help address are: anger management, anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, bipolar disorder, divorce, family conflict, oppositional defiance, parenting, relationship issues, school issues, self-esteem, suicidal ideation, mood disorders, and more.


Katelyn Jakobsen, LCMHCA

Stephanie Brekstad, LCMHCA

Stephanie Brekstad, LCMHCA

As your counselor, my goal is to provide a warm and welcoming space. I will show up for you again and again, truly listen, and put YOU first. We will work together to identify your strengths and goals, and to overcome life’s adversities. My education is rooted in trauma; I understand the diverse impacts trauma can have on the human body and mind. I have worked with a wide array of clientele, backgrounds, and ages. My treatment specialities encompass: chronic health, trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, and depression among others. No soft voice here; just a real and relatable gal ready to listen, challenge you, and aid you in your growth.

I use a range of therapeutic techniques best suited for each individual. You are uniquely you, and your treatment should reflect that. I specialize in the treatment of chronic health conditions. Individuals of chronic health conditions often experience feelings of anxiety, and depression. Let’s work together to unpack your identity outside of your illness.

The first step of reaching out is the hardest, but I believe you are ready. I commend your bravery, and cannot wait to aid you on your journey. I greatly look forward to hearing from you.


Stephanie Brekstad, LCMHCA

Stephanie Brekstad, LCMHCA

Stephanie Brekstad, LCMHCA

My specialization and passion is in trauma. I believe that many of those who are experiencing mental health issues have experienced trauma at one time in their lives. Those who have experienced a recent or past trauma can experience affects such as inability to feel safe, carry out daily tasks, feeling anger, shame, guilt, or hopelessness. The effects of trauma can manifest themselves in multiple ways depending on the type of trauma, the individual and their support network. 

I enjoy working with children to adults and offer support through individual, family, and group sessions.

 I have had success working with teens through adults who experienced depression, anxiety and children with autism, behavioral problems, and OCD. I utilize various techniques and approaches based on the client’s needs.  

If  you  are  feeling  lost,  overwhelmed,  and  hopeless, I can help by offering a counseling relationship based on trust, communication, and teamwork in addition to providing  understanding and  helping  you  feel  heard. 

I am ready to help you live the life that you choose!

Interns and Practicum Students


Interns and Practicum Students

Candace Patterson, Graduate Intern

Candace Patterson, Graduate Intern

What is an intern and how do they differ from licensed clinicians?

Interns and practicum students are completing their graduate degree in Psychology,  Social Work or Marriage and Family Therapy. They are not yet licensed and work under the supervision of our Clinical Director, their University Graduate Professor, as well as a post-doctoral graduate student.  Interns are required to complete a specific number of supervised 1:1 clinical hours and may be required to audio or video tape 3 sessions total per semester. The benefit of working with an intern is that they are in University Programs learning the latest counseling and treatment techniques. They are well supervised and they see clients on a very reduced fee schedule of $15-$50/session. 


Candace Patterson, Graduate Intern

Candace Patterson, Graduate Intern

Candace Patterson, Graduate Intern

Are you a parent who is feeling helpless or don’t know what to do with your child’s behavior? Are you frustrated that you don’t have the answers to help your child? Are you concerned about your child’s behavior, anxiety, sleep problems, or fearfulness? Through counseling, I want to help your child gain the coping skills they need in order to live their best life possible. In addition, I also want to give you, as the parent, tools to use in order to help your child outside of sessions and throughout the rest of their lives. I value collaboration between you, your child, and myself as the counselor in order to set and achieve the goals you feel are most important during our sessions. I hope to bring out the strengths in your child, so they realize they have the ability to help themselves in some of their situations. I look forward to being able to work with you and your child!