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At age 10 our son had a sudden onset of compulsive, circular thinking and anxiety. It was crushing him and we were bewildered. We made an appointment with Kristin. Kristin provided a safe space for him to express what was happening to his thinking and emotions, and she introduced him to the strategies that he needed to manage the problem until we found a solution. Her ability to quickly establish a rapport was critical. In our son's case the solution was a simple dietary change - the removal of dairy, which he hadn't had since he was four and had recently reintroduced. If it wasn't for Kristin's holistic approach, I may not have stepped back and looked at the dietary component and my son might still be suffering. Now, at age 15, he remains deeply grateful to Kristin for helping him through that dark time and gives her a hug when we see her out in the community.  L.C.


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