Life Coaching


Who can benefit from life coaching?

The short answer is most of us at some point or another. The long answer is a little more nuanced. Individuals who find themselves struggling to reach their goals whether they are personal life goals, career, or family goals can all benefit from Life Coaching. High powered executives can benefit from Life Coaching to reach their career goals or learn to balance career and family demands. 


What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Life Coaching? 

Psychotherapy and Life Coaching can look very similar on the surface but there are differences. One being that we use Psychotherapy or Counseling to address  issues that may be negatively impacting our life such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD etc... these issues may be relatively minor or overwhelming and unmanageable without outside intervention. They often but not always involve a significant mental health concern or diagnosis.  

With Life Coaching no such mental health concern or diagnosis is present or if it is it is not the focus of coaching. Individuals with specific life or career goals may have a dream of achieving specific goals and utilize a Life Coach to help them set realistic short and long term goals, develop a plan, overcome stumbling blocks and problems that may have prevented them from reaching their goals in the past. A life Coach may provide tasks to complete weekly. Life Coaching clients may check in via email or brief 15 minute prescheduled telephone sessions throughout the week to keep themselves on track. Life Coaching is beneficial for many stages of life and is extremely powerful tool for many including high level executives trying to reach the next level, entrepreneurs starting out in new directions, and individuals wishing to achieve goals that have eluded them in the past.