Are you interested in Counseling?

Are you a parent 

With a child whose behavior is out of control?

Are your teen’s problems more than you can manage on your own? 

Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked? 

Has your child or teen been resistant to therapy in the past?

Are you a teen 

Who is having difficulties at home, school, or with your peers? 

Do you feel like you are always in conflict with your parents and no one understands you? 

Does your life feel overwhelming or unmanageable? 

Are you worried about college and the future? 

Have you been the victim of sexual abuse or assault?  

Are you depressed, anxious, or having relationship problems? 

Are you unhappy with your relationships? 

Are you an overachiever who is feeling the strain of the pressure you put on yourself?

Are you so focused on others that you feel like you have ‘lost yourself’?    

Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

If so you are in the right place. Through counseling I can help


Parents learn techniques to improve your child’s behavior 

Teens who are struggling, feel better and gain control 

New moms overcome postpartum depression 

People who have been victims of sexual abuse/assault    

Through counseling I can help you find happiness in your life.

Learn how to improve your relationships,

Overcome anxiety, stress, or depression,

Change behavior patterns that are not working for you,

Feel more confident about yourself, become more capable at handling life’s challenges 

Regain balance and perspective in your life. 

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