Therapy Services


I have 28 years experience providing therapy services to individuals suffering from a variety of problems including depression, anxiety, ADHD, communication problems, relationship problems and overwhelming stress.

I have worked with children and teens with behavioral and emotional health problems and those coping with the effects of sexual abuse and assault.

If you are a parent bringing your child in for therapy you are an integral part of the therapeutic process. I use a holistic approach to treatment, often consulting with teachers, guidance counselors, family physicians, and psychiatrists. When it is beneficial I observe clients at school and at home.

For new parents or those about to be new parents I provide consultations regarding infant attachment and bonding, and attachment parenting. I also work with new mom's experiencing postpartum depression.*in home visits are available as needed with established clients. Teletherapy is also available

Treatment Philosophy

I believe that given the proper tools and support, everyone has the ability to work through their most difficult challenges and turn the challenge into a success.

My greatest professional strengths are my ability to connect with clients and form strong therapeutic relationships, my compassion, and commitment to treatment. Helping parents & teens resolve conflict and strengthen their relationships. I have been very successful at engaging in treatment difficult to reach teens. I have been particularly successful working with individuals who may have resisted treatment in the past.  I work with each person to help them identify and utilize their strengths and overcome weaknesses.


Through Therapy I can help you:

Reduce stress

Decrease depression

Overcome anxiety

Change inappropriate behavior patterns Improve relationships

Develop coping skills

Gain confidence

Heal from traumatic events

Develop the skills needed to succeed in school 

Reduce related health problems

Feel more confident and self assured       

Individual Therapy   

Family Therapy   

Interactive Therapy   

Psychological Testing and Assessment   Evaluations/Assessments 

Parent Consultations   

Parent Coaching   


Adolescent Therapy   

Child Therapy   

Play Therapy  techniques

Attachment Parenting Consultations 

Cognitive Behavioral CBT   

Cognitive Therapy   

Behavioral therapy   


Interpersonal Therapy IPT  

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